• Import JAPAN
  • Date of born: 24.05.2020
  • FCI & AKIHO pedigree
  • Breeder: Itay Angel
  • Hip dysplasia:
  • Elbow dysplasia:
  • OCD:
  • Patella:
  • Spondylosis:
  • TEETH: full
  • DNA profile (Genetic Diversity Certificate) + archiving

Gokujunsui called Mizu came to our kennel in the year 2021 directly from Japan. He is still very young Akita but we can already say that he will be fabulous contribution to our kennel. He has already good size with strong bones, amazing color and coat quality, is very well balanced and has beautiful head with modern expression.

His pedigree is more than amazing, you can find here the most famous sires from Japan in the closest generations. Combination of Gattsu Go, Oozora Go and Azumagenji Go is simply breathtaking.

Despite his age he has very balanced character, Mizu is very clever Akita with amazing loving temperament to everyone.

SATSUKI GO Odate Sannomarusou

141st Honbuten Waka inu 3rd place

142nd Honbuten Soken 3rd place


AZUMAGENJI GO Kisarazu Nomura

TOKUYUU winner

140th Honbuten Seiken B 2nd place