Wataky Kensha

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    Import SPAIN
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    Date of born: 28.06.2019
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    FCI & AKIHO pedigree
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    Breeder: Jon Cano
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    Hip dysplasia: A
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    Elbow dysplasia: 0/0
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    OCD: neg/neg
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    Patella: 0/0
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    Spondylosis: 0
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    TEETH: full
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    DNA profile (Genetic Diversity Certificate) + archiving
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BEST IN SHOW junior male 1st place

2x junior BEST IN GROUP (CACIB Nitra 18 & 20.9.2020)

MULTI BIS couple placement

Czech junior CHAMPION

Hungarian junior CHAMPION

Slovak junior CHAMPION

Slovak puppy CHAMPION

Club junior CHAMPION 

2x CRUFT'S qualification 2021

BOB minor puppy

12x BOB junior


2x BOB


30.11.2019      IDS PRAGUE  (CZ) – Very promising 1

06.12.2019      IDS NITRA  (SK) – Very promising 1

07.12.2019      IDS NITRA  (SK) – Very promising 1 & BOB minor puppy

08.12.2019      IDS NITRA  (SK) – Very promising 1

21.06.2020      IDS PÁPA (HU) - Excellent 2

17.07.2020      IDS NITRA (SK) - Excellent 1 & CAJC

18.07.2020      IDS NITRA (SK) - Excellent 1 & CAJC

19.07.2020      IDS NITRA (SK) - Excellent 1, CAJC & BOB junior

25.07.2020      ClubS MIKULOV (CZ) - Excellent 1/6, CAJC, BOJ & BOB

16.08.2020      NDS MLADA BOLESLAV (CZ) - Excellent 1/3, CAJC, BOJ & BOB

20.08.2020      IDS SZILVASVARÁD (HU) - Excellent 1/3, CAJC, BOJ & BOS

21.08.2020      IDS SZILVASVARÁD (HU) - Excellent 1/3, CAJC & BOJ 

22.08.2020      IDS SZILVASVARÁD (HU) - Excellent 1/3, CAJC & BOJ 

23.08.2020      IDS BRATISLAVA (SK) - Excellent 1, CAJC & BOJ

29.08.2020      Regional PRAGUE (CZ) - Excellent 1, CW, BIS couple 3rd place & BEST IN SHOW junior male 1st place

06.09.2020       NDS OLOMOUC (CZ) - Excellent 1/7, CAJC, junior BOB & TOP 5 junior BEST IN GROUP !

12.09.2020       Club KRALUPY n.V. (CZ) - Excellent 1/5, CAJC & Club  junior winner

17.09.2020        IDS NITRA (SK) - Excellent 1/2 & CAJC

18.09.2020        IDS NITRA (SK) - Excellent 1/2, CAJC, BOJ & junior BEST IN GROUP !!!

19.09.2020        IDS NITRA (SK) - Excellent 1/2, CAJC & BOJ

20.09.2020        IDS NITRA (SK) - Excellent 1/2, CAJC, BOJ & junior BEST IN GROUP !!!

26.09.2020        MV TULLN (AT) - Excellent 1/3, CAJC & BOJ

27.09.2020        MV TULLN (AT) - Excellent 1/3, CAJC & BUNDESJUGENSIEGER

28.09.2020        KV MARTINEVES (CZ) - Excellent 1/2, Class Winner, Regional Winner, BEST IN GROUP & BEST IN SHOW !!!

04.10.2020         MV CESKE BUDEJOVICE (CZ) - Excellent 1, CAC, CAC CMKU, CACIB & BOS

09.10.2020         NV OPOLE (PL) - Excellent 1 & CAC

Presentation of YAMAZAKURA:

Zak came to our kennel in the year 2019. He will be great contribution to our breeding. He is unique with his ancestors - where are in the front generations clashed the most famous Akitas from all world. His mother is first Akita which was born in Europe which won during the Honbuten show in Japan 1st place in Seiken class and obtained TOKUYUU price (now she is multiple winner of this title). From fathers side - on the one hand is standing MEIYOSHOU winner and on the second hand is standing TOKUYUU winner in Japan.

We are really proud, that we can have in our kennel white Akita, in which pedigree are standing only white or brindle Akitas in the front generations

Zak is playful teenager, he loves dogs, people and like everything as other puppies in his age. 

                                                                                                                                🇯🇵Touki Go Senshuu Takashihamasou 

                                                                         🇯🇵Kouummaru Go Senshuu Takashihamasou 

                                                                         MEIYOSHOU winner 

                                                                                                                                 🇯🇵Hazuki Go Kouyasan Hashitani

                                       🇮🇹Tora Koun Go Di Casa Saporito

                                       AKIHO Europe Vce Champion 

                                                                                                                                 🇯🇵Koshuumaru Go Senshuu Takashihamasou

                                                                         🇮🇹Tora Cho Go Di Casa Saporito 

                                                                         TOKUYUU winner 

                                                                                                                                 🇮🇹Tora Hoschiko Go Di Casa Saporito




                                                                                                                                 🇯🇵Kouun Go Noshiro Koujousou 

                                                                         🇯🇵Unshou Go Takasaki Yamaguchi

                                                                                                                                 🇯🇵Kaunhime Go Takasaki Yamaguchi 

                                                                                                                                 JKC Champion 

                                      🇪🇸Satsuki Hime Go Shun'You Kensha

                                      MULTI TOKUYUU winner, SEIKEN B winner

                                       Vice World Champion 

                                                                                                                                 🇯🇵Shinzan Go Kanzakiya Kensha

                                                                         🇪🇸Maihime Go Shun'You Kensha 

                                                                                                                                 🇯🇵Fujihime Go Hiro Izawa




Seiken B winner Hombuten 140th

Vice World Champion 2017

Multi European Hozonkai Champion

Spanish Junior Champion

Spanish Champion

Iberian Champion

Multi TOKUYUU prize winner

BIS Speciality winner


TORA KOUN GO Di Casa Saporito


AKIHO Europe 2019 Vce Champion – Waka Inu