AKITA  秋田犬

Origin: Japan


Weight: 25-45 kg (55-99 lbs)

Height   - males: 64-70cm (25,19 - 27,55 inches)
                - females: 58-64cm (22,8 - 25,19 inches)

Average age: 10-12 years

Classification FCI: group 5 - spitz and primitive breeds

                                  section: Asian Spitz and related breeds

Working trial: no

Shedding: two times per year

Dribbling: no

Utilization: service dog, guard dog, canistherapy,

show dog, family dog

Suitable for children: yes

Suitable living: flat & house

Intelligence: highly intelligent

Barking: unnecessarily barking, rather quiet

Watchdog: yes

Can be home alone: yes

Movement: not demanding

Interestingness: self-cleaning coat + lack dog odor