Akita is totally loyal and faithful. Akita absolutely loves her family and is ready to hit hard if is her family in danger. Anyone who decides to buy Akita will find support in her, will find her best friend in her and faithful companion in any situation.

Above all, Akita is highly intelligent, dignified, responsive, courageous, loyal and clean. She is very confident, prone to domination and stubbornness.
Very suitable is socialization and contact with other dogs in the early puppy age, to prevent possible dominance to other dogs.

She is very teachable and she will not forget what once she learned. But she does not like the constant repetition of one thing (why should she do it over and over once, she has understood and successfully mastered it - be careful and dont bored your Akita).

Akita is properly guarding his territory, with cats known to be a friend, but any cat can not jump behind the fence. With children is friendly, loves family visits and lacking a typical dog odor.

Akita does not require so much movement, but if you will share with her any sport  - she will be happy and will follow you at every step. Akita is extremely clean - for emptying she chooses a place which is furthest from the house. Compared to other breeds of the same size, Akita needs relatively less feed.