• Import JAPAN
  • Date of born: 01.08.2022
  • FCI & AKIHO pedigree
  • Breeder: Itay Angel
  • HD:
  • ED:
  • OCD:
  • Spondylosis:
  • Patella:
  • TEETH: full
  • DNA profile (Genetic Diversity Certificate) + archiving



Federace BiH junior CHAMPION

Junior CHAMPION Srbska

4x CACIB junior


4x BOB junior

06.05.2023    CS VARIN (SK) - Excellent 2

12.05.2023    NDS RUMA (SRB) - Excellent 1, CAJC & BOB junior

13.05.2023    IDS RUMA (SRB) - Excellent 1, CAJC, CACIB junior & BOB junior

14.05.2023   IDS ADA (SRB) - Excellent 1, CAJC, CACIB junior & BOB junior

28.05.2023   NDS VITEZ (BiH) - Excellent 1, CAJC & Best young male

28.05.2023   IDS VITEZ (BiH) - Excellent 1, CAJC, CACIB junior & Best young male

29.05.2023   NDS VITEZ (BiH) - Excellent 1, CAJC, Best young male & BOB junior

29.05.2023   IDS VITEZ (BiH) - Excellent 1, CAJC, CACIB junior & Best young male

Shohei came to our kennel in the year 2023 directly from Japan.

Shohei is still very young, but we can clearly see some qualities, which we really appreciate. It is tall, strong Akita with great bones, extraordinary movement and perfect color. When you are looking on him, you are sure that you are looking on male.

He has amazing kind character, is fearless and friendly with everyone.

His background is also very interesting. Mother Megumi Go Hanawa Kisaragi was born in one of the most famous kennels in Japan and she is the last female which was born there. Father Awa Daitei Go Jr Matsunaga is ideal representative of modern Akita. He got already couple of wins on the most important Honbuten show in Japan. In the future he will surely take the highest possible title.

MEGUMI GO Hanawa Kisaragi




AWA DAITEI GO Jr Matsunaga

142. Honbuten Youken B 1.místo

143. Honbuten Waka Inu 1.místo